Upcoming Event: CSIFA - 2019

Djerba, Tunisie

CSIFA: International Scientific conference in Finance and Insurance

Since 2006, the date of the launching of the "Finance and Insurance" research master's degree (currently "financial risk management") at the ISGG, I organized, with a certain number of Tunisian and foreign colleagues and in particular the AFME association of Pr. Pascal Pecquet, an international scientific conference in Finance and Insurance "CSIFA". Currently, the symposium is managed by the RED (Research, Enterprise and Decisions) research unit and the ISGG Teachers Association (AEISGG). The themes are:

  1. 2006, "e-management for sustainable economies" in Gabes, chaired by Prof. Riadh Zghal, FSEGS, 28 papers evaluated, 19 accepted.
  2. 2007, "Finance, Insurance, ICT" in Djerba, chaired by Pr. Ali Elmir, ISGT; 106 papers evaluated, 54 accepted.
  3. 2008, "Micro-Finance", in Douz, chaired by Prof. Said Dhifallah, ISGG: 34 papers evaluated, 25 accepted.
  4. 2009, "Financial Crises, Governance and Risk Management", chaired by Prof. Faouzi Jilani, ISCCB: 49 papers evaluated, 32 accepted.
  5. 2010, 12-13 December "Financial Regulations" in Djerba chaired by Pr. Abderrahman Robana, Alfred U., USA: 37 papers evaluated, 23 accepted.
  6. 2011, in Gabès, "Islamic finance and conventional finance: rivalry or synergy", chaired by Prof. Jean Luc Prigent, U. Cergy, France: 24 papers evaluated, 20 accepted.
  7. 2012, "Finance and Ethics" chaired by Prof. Alain Finet, U. Mons, Belgium, 19 papers evaluated, 15 accepted.
  8. 2013, on the 15th and 16th of December in Hammamet, "Risks and Expectations in the Age of Crises", chaired by Prof. Jean Guy Degos, U. Bordeaux, France: 27 papers evaluated, 24 accepted. .
  9. 2014, December 21 and 22, "Financial Instability", chaired by Prof. Samir Trabelsi, Brock U., Canada: 15 papers evaluated, 12 accepted.
  10. 2015, December 21 and 22, "Return to Economic and Financial Priorities", chaired by Prof. Chedly Baccouche, ISCAE; 22 papers evaluated, 16 accepted.
  11. 2016, the colloquium took place on 20 and 21 January 2017 on the theme "Audit and Financial Transparency", chaired by Prof. Hamadi Fakhfakh, FSEGS; 29 papers evaluated, 23 accepted.
  12. 19-21 and 22 December 2017: "The sustainability of companies: issues and perspectives", chaired by Dr. karim Kefi, ISGG; 38 papers evaluated, 31 accepted.
  13. 6-17-18 December 2018: "Corruption, Ethics, and Managerial and Financial Practices: State of Play and Challenges" under the patronage of the president of the INLUCC, Mr. Chawki Tebib; 92 papers evaluated, 63 papers accepted.

All submitted papers are evaluated by a reading committee composed of Tunisian and foreign teachers of the specialty, some of the proceedings of each conference have been published and referenced.

While the first symposium made it possible to master the organization and setting up of an international scientific conference, the other editions were an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills of our students and researchers. In addition, this symposium now brings together new and experienced researchers from different countries to discuss cutting-edge themes chosen for each edition.

AThus, after more than a decade of activity, the CSIFA conference is now recognized as the oldest scientific symposium of the University of Gabès and the oldest scientific symposium in the MFC specialty in all of Tunisia, which is a pledge quality, trust and sustainability.

The founder of the CSIFA conference

Pr. Jamel Eddine HENCHIRI